Speaker: Iustin Pop (Google)

Title: Ganeti, from enterprise virtualisation to cloud backend

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Ganeti is an open-source, cluster-based virtualisation manager. Originally started as a enterprise virtualisation tool, purely for internal use, it has grown to be used both as a private and a public cloud backend.

The talk will describe Ganeti in the context of the other existing open source virtualisation solutions, highlighting the features that (we believe) differentiate Ganeti. We will also describe the tools ecosystem that one needs around Ganeti in order to move from a purely internal deployment to a more "cloud" model (either for private or public consumption).

Finally, the talk will go into details about the development model (Google contributions, external contributions, interaction with the community) and the way we ensure the quality of the codebase, from language features to unittests and continuous integration tests.


Iustin Pop is a Systems Engineer at Google Switzerland. Since he joined Google in 2006, he has worked in the virtualization group for internal infrastructure, where he is responsible for the design and development of the Ganeti Open Source virtualization manager.