Region Stuttgart

Inventive, cultivated, relaxing and enticing at the same time

In the Stuttgart Region nature goes hand in hand with technology, and tradition with innovation. Its architecture is both Baroque and ultramodern. It spans the diversity of the pulsating economic metropolis and a wealth of culture on the highest level. And all of this is to be found amidst idyllic, topographically appealing scenery.

The Stuttgart Region comprises 179 towns and communities, divided into five administrative districts and the municipality of Stuttgart. Some 2.7 million people of around 170 different nationalities live here, 578 523 of them in Stuttgart. The state capital's main landmark is the Television Tower - the first of its kind worldwide.

Stuttgart owes its name to a stud farm, or "Stuotgarten", which Duke Liudolf of Swabia is said to have founded in 950 AD. To defend this stud farm the Old Palace was built. The New Palace was the residence of the kings of Württemberg up to the middle of the 19th century. Today the building contains ministries of the Baden-Wüemberg state government and state reception rooms.

Palace Square is the most central part of Stuttgart. It's an absolute must when enjoying a stroll through the city, because this is where the city's heartbeat can best be felt. It is bordered by Köstrasse, Europe's longest pedestrian shopping precinct, 1.2 km in length. The Landtag, the State Parliament building, is located in the Upper Palace Gardens. Directly adjacent are the Staatstheater Stuttgart, Europe's largest triple-branch theatre, comprising Stuttgart State Opera, the world-famous Stuttgart Ballet and the Schauspiel Stuttgart theatre company. The Stuttgart Region has a very active music scene. The state capital alone boasts five big orchestras. Music festivals such as the jazzopen, the Musikfest Stuttgart and the Ludwigsburg Palace Festival make sure there's music in the air all over the region the whole year round. A wide diversity of museums rounds off the culture scene.

The Stuttgart Museum of Art has the world's most outstanding collection of the oeuvre of Otto Dix. The Stuttgart State Gallery has works from 700 years on display and is one of the most visited museums in the country. The automobile is another theme that is found all over the region. With the Porsche Museum (2009) and the Mercedes-Benz Museum (2006) Stuttgart has not one, but two exhibitions centring on the automobile. The Mercedes-Benz Museum is the only one of its kind in the world to document the full 126-year history of the development of the automobile.

Additional information on the Stuttgart region can be found at the Stuttgart Tourist Information.